A Concussion is the most common and least severe of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). In 2013, some form of TBI, including concussions, led to the hospitalization, emergency department visit or death of nearly 3 million Americans. Usually caused by a sudden direct blow to the head, those suffering from a concussion report blurred vision, headache, nausea, confusion, loss of balance and fatigue. Post-concussive symptoms such as headache, depression, “fogginess”, insomnia, and fatigue can sometimes persist in excess of 10 days.  Cases of concussion where clinical recovery falls outside the expected window of around 10 days should be managed in a multidisciplinary manner by healthcare providers. Due to the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of Acupuncture, post-concussive patients are noticing profound benefit by integrating the practice into their comprehensive treatment regimen. 

How Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help

By stimulating specific anatomic points in the body using sterile fine-point instruments, acupuncture activates the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. 

Acupuncture promotes increased blood flow to treated areas of the body, calms hyper-sensitive pain-registering areas of the brain and switches on regions of the brain involved in rest and relaxation. 

In post-concussive patients, acupuncture can help relieve pain, relax the body and mind, slow or stop inflammation and stimulate the nervous system, helping you regain alertness and maintain a clear head. 

What does an acupuncturist do?

An acupuncturist begins by taking a complete health history to identify ideal treatment areas. 

He or she will then architect a treatment plan designed to take advantage of natural healing pathways in the body and engage those pathways using Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and other modalities. 

What is out of balance?

When natural anatomical healing channels are disrupted by trauma, injury or stress, the body struggles to properly diversify its own healing resources. Acupuncture and herbal medicine increase blood flow, nerve activity and stimulate the regions of the body most in need of treatment, enabling it to heal.

Many cases of post-concussive syndrome are caused by structural damage to the brain which may disrupt messaging pathways within the nerves. Keenly targeted acupuncture works to restore these natural pathways and initiate healing responses so the body can return to a state of wellbeing in a shorter period of time. 

Some symptoms of post-concussive syndrome can arise as secondary psychological effects including sleep disruption, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder following an injury. Acupuncture works on these symptoms as well to restore healthy nerve responses and reset some negative psychological effects of trauma.

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