Threw my back out!

Stefanie treated me for severe back pain the day after I threw my back out at the grocery store. My pain was an 8-9 on a scale of 1-10 and it hurt to move, sit, stand, and lie down. I was also experiencing a great deal of anxiety from the injury and pain and although I knew I needed help,

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Avoided Surgery!

After many years of bodybuilding, I developed compartment syndrome in my lower legs and extremely tight leg, glute, hip, and back muscles.
Working with Colleen for several years, her services such as Tuina and cupping have helped me recover quicker and even avoid surgery.
I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in recovering from an injury.

Colleen is wonderful!

Colleen is wonderful. She’s very intuitive and knowledgeable about the human body. She has helped me through a high ankle sprain and a number of other body troubles. Her background as a dancer and mover is infinitely informative in how she approaches her patients. She’s very organized, reliable, and just a genuinely caring person! You’ll be in such good hands.

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Acupuncture for equestrians

As a competitive equestrian, it is vital that my body is in prime condition. For years, I
had an uncomfortable—and often painful—tightness in my leg that negatively impacted
my riding ability. Riding was not the only area affected by what turned out to be an
overly tight piriformis muscle—my foot had rotated outwards noticeably due to this.