What is Moxabustion?

Moxabustion or Moxatherapy is a form of external therapy which uses a plant known as Moxa(Ai Ye). The Moxa is burnt which transmits heat to a particular region of the body.  These can be specific points or general regions, depending upon the treatment needed.

Moxa has a long history with some family lineages in China practicing using only Moxa and no adjunct therapies.   Moxa is used successfully for a wide range of conditions from arthritis to GI issues to female problems.  There are several varaitions on the application of moxa from sticks(see left) to balls or boxes.

Moxa should not be used on the lower abdomen and back of pregnant women. Other forms of heat therapy should be used in cases of severe asthma as well, nor should it be applied around the eyes.