What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is based on a traditional East Asian medicine healing technique, It is performed by using a tool to "scrape" a specific area of skin which has been lubricated.   The end goal of this skin scraping is to intentionally create a transitory(temporary) therapeutic petechia(red dotting) on the skin in that area. These petechia represent an increased blood flow in the area and typically will resolve within a few days.

Clinically, Gua Sha is used in a wide variety of circumstances.   Some of the more common uses of Gua Sha include musculoskeletal pain and cold or flu like symptoms.

Gua Sha is contraindicated in cases of open wounds, damaged skin or burns.  It is often combined with other modalities to quickly resolve a condition.

There are many tools available to perform Gua Sha.  Some of the simplest include a quarter, a bottle cap or a spoon and these are often used in clinic.  Below you can see some additions items which may be used in a clinical setting.




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