What a Pain in the Wrist!

Have you been getting back into those hobbies while staying safe at home? Maybe you've been knitting, crocheting, painting, gardening, writing, gaming, doing jigsaw puzzles, or just working on projects you've been saving for a rainy day. I have been a knitting fiend which left me with very sore wrists and fingers. Fortunately, acupuncture treatments with Dr. Stefanie relieved the pain, swelling, and numbness very quickly!

After years of medications, Cortisone shots, and physical therapy, people with ligament or tendon issues often end up resorting to surgery. Instead of going that route, try Acupuncture and see what kind of results you have. Various Acupuncture Treatments have proved to be effective for carpal tunnel and other soft tissue ailments. Treatment has been shown to be as helpful, if not more so, than anti-inflammatory medications without the negative side-effects. Acupuncture can also help restore dexterity and feeling in the effected areas.

Click this link to learn more about Acupuncture and Wrist Pain. 
COVID-19 Spike, Precautions & Treatments: We are here for you!
We are open and treating new and existing patients. We continue implementing the precautions recommended by the CDC and following City and State requirements to keep you safe while supporting your ongoing health through this difficult time.

Here is what we are doing to keep us and you safe and healthy:
Requiring everyone to wear masks in the shared areas of the clinic (your mask may be removed for treatment when necessary)Sanitizing rooms between patientsScheduling appointments at 30 minute intervals to reduce patient interactionUsing a rotating room schedule to allow maximum time between room usePatients with compromised immunity, or who are living with someone with compromised immunity, are being scheduled separately from others as much as possibleKeeping the waiting room closed- if you accompany a patient to a treatment, we ask that you join them in the room or wait in the car or outsideTrying our best to open doors for you, and/or sanitizing handles after each useWashing our hands often throughout the day and in between patientsDrop shipping herbs, or leaving them outside the door for curbside pick-up and billing through SquareWe have herbs and Vitamin D to boost your immune function and help keep you healthy, as well as herbs for if  you start to feel any kind of sickness. In recent studies, Jade Screen has been shown to be a good support for immune function. We have different formulas to address on-going immune issues as well as those to take at the first signs of illness. 
Again, we can drop-ship any herbs you may need directly to you, or you can pick them up curbside if you prefer not to enter the clinic.

Stay safe, be well, and let us help keep your health on track!