Threw my back out!

Stefanie treated me for severe back pain the day after I threw my back out at the grocery store. My pain was an 8-9 on a scale of 1-10 and it hurt to move, sit, stand, and lie down. I was also experiencing a great deal of anxiety from the injury and pain and although I knew I needed help, I was afraid to have anyone touch my back. Stefanie listened to everything I had to say and provided gentle and very effective treatment that helped immensely. She treated my back with cupping and acupuncture which helped a lot. Her treatment was thorough and brought my pain from a 8-9 to a 3 in the course of the treatment. It normally takes me 2-3 weeks to fully recover from this type of back injury but this time, I threw my back out on a Monday, received treatment from Stefanie on Tuesday and was completely restored by Friday! I highly recommend Stefanie!


M. S.  – Austin, TX