Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System

After trying Botox and dermal fillers a few years back, I wasnʼt satisfied with the artificial
results and the concept of injecting foreign substances into my body. Fortunately, I had
recently heard about facial acupuncture, and I began seeing Stefanie for treatments.
I absolutely love the natural results! There is a visible reduction in deep wrinkles, an
elimination of fine lines, a rejuvenation in the eyelids again, a lessening of age spots,
and a tightening of the skin on my neck. Aside from outwardly feeling more youthful
with improved elasticity and glowing skin, the Mei Zen treatments also clear my sinuses
and create a general feeling of well being.
I highly recommend Stefanie as she is a qualified practitioner with over 3000 hours of
acupuncture training!
RN, MS – Austin