Improved quality of life

Gary was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 14 years ago. We exhausted what conventional medicine had to offer during these years: Numerous medicines, DBS : Deep Brain Stimulation (brain surgery)and intensive physical therapy . While some things had been helpful, they all had a downside or hit a limit. As well, no one had anything to offer to prevent Gary’s frequent falling from poor balance.
And when all this had culminated in a ‘catastrophic’, violent , drowning cough that was ruining what social life and freedom Gary still had.

Several different specialists had nothing to offer. Mayo clinic turned Gary down with nothing ‘new’ to offer.  And his lifelong GP said to accept that this was end stage Parkinson’s.

After 9 mos of a catastrophic cough, Stefanie’s acupuncture protocol, chinese herbs and homeopathy turned it around 75% in 3 weeks. By now it is 90% gone.
It was a stunning success.

And Gary continues to have better balance, more energy, increased mental clarity and
Almost no cough! treatment continues.


-J.Y.  Austin, TX

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